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“We believe that the spirit of Christmas makes the world a little better”

The 'why' of Peha

We believe that the spirit of Christmas makes the world a little better. This ‘why’ is therefore reflected in our DNA and we are proud of that. Keeping this in mind, we would like to inspire you as a customer and deliver it as a promise. To make your Christmas assortment profitable, the real magic of Christmas is needed. We deliver that Christmas spirit as a unique experience that makes you shine. This magic is based on our balanced range of Christmas products and additional services that have an inspiring effect on the end user. Our goal is to make their Christmas unforgettable.

The Ballerina

The recognisable symbol that associates with the desired brand significance of Peha is a ballerina: feminine and pure as an angel, graceful and artistic, agile and flexible, but also practiced and experienced. As a hostess, she introduces you to us, the employees who are central to our strength, our products, promises, and guarantees. This is how we begin to tell from personal motivation, vision and competence. This perspective allows you to experience the added value of Peha: the creating of Christmas.

Magic everywhere

Peha is an international oriented organisation and worldwide supplier of Christmas articles. Our headquarter is located in The Netherlands and we have a buying office in Hong Kong. The offices work closely together. Despite the great distance in kilometers, communication lines are short. This has the great advantage that we are flexible and decisive and can respond to specific customer requirements quickly. Our working method is characterized by a practical and personal approach. Since we have more than 100 years of experience as a professional and reliable importer and exporter of Christmas articles, we are able to take the right path for commercial and inspiring collections. Our head office is situated in Sneek, one of the 11 Frisian cities in the north of the Netherlands. This is also the location of our showroom of 1500m2 where we annually inspire our customers with our enchanting Christmas collection.

Peha France

Hélène Girard represents Peha in France and is responsible for all French-speaking countries. She is based in France which allows her to stay in close contact with our customers and the market. At the same time she works closely with the French-speaking administrative team at the headquarters of Peha in Sneek. This strong combination enables us to to work in an efficient way to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Peha Hong Kong

Our buying office in Hong Kong is run by Julia Leung. She works with her team who have a great deal of knowledge of quality management and are very experienced to work with FOB orders. In addition to these activities, they coordinate and carry out the factory inspections and maintain close contact with various laboratories and suppliers. Our office in Hong Kong is also the place where it is ensured that all received orders are actually shipped on time.

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