Dickensville Skating Series

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Dickensville Elfsteden Series detail

“Unique and nostalgic Christmas village for quality lovers”

Dickensville Skating Series

Exactly 100 years after the founding of the Frisian Eleven Cities Association, the idea of a miniature version of the “Elfstedentocht” was born at Peha. In 2010 Peha launched the series of miniature houses in the Dickensville Collectable line, dedicated to the Eleven Cities skating tour. This unique line of miniature houses and figures bring Dutch coziness within the square meter. It has a nostalgic theme which allows people to use their phantasy and build their own story. This product is for the quality lover as it is handmade and therefore very detailed. Perfect for collectors but also as a gift or souvenir, to relive your holiday for example!

Benefits at a glance

  • Unique series of Christmas village
  • Made of porcelain
  • Handpainted and very detailed
  • Year-round product
  • Collector’s item
  • New introductions annually
  • Customised design options

You want to create and develop a Christmas village for a theme or region in your country? Contact us!

Unique in its kind

Carefully photographed, drafted and handmade in specially designed factories. Every year we present new designs. Collectors hardly can’t wait for the selling season to start. To give the series a collectors’ item status, we developed a savings campaign. Your customers save “Eleven Cities Crosses” and if they have enough, they can choose a miniature house free of charge. To be able to obtain a miniature house free of charge, the crosses need to be put on the downloadable 'Stempelkaart'. Do you exactly want to know how this savings campaign works for your customers? Click here to find out. The overview of which items are included in the savings campaign can be downloaded here. The series is unique since we carefully develop all miniature houses and figures ourselves. You can find the complete series in the Dickensville Efsteden Series catalog: Collect them all!

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