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The green white Christmas of PEHA

“Corporate Social Responsibility: Peha takes action where possible”


The green white Christmas of PEHA Sneek

At Peha we believe that the Christmas spirit makes the world a little better. Our company is a global leader in creating the real Christmas feeling. In addition to pleasure and pride, this also creates responsibilities which we take very seriously. Corporate Social Responsibility forms an explicit part of our ambitions and investments. We hereby stress that Peha not only believes, but also decisively commits to a better world, ‘creating a green white Christmas’. In order to give substance to these goals, in recent years Peha has invested heavily in developing and achieving more sustainability in the organisation and products, with our biobased produced and packaged line of snow products as a leading example.

Sustainable goals

The world does not suddenly become sustainable and green overnight. This requires a change in awareness and mindsets among producers as well as consumers and a transition in the way of thinking and behaving. We take action and we are achieving objectives, but we still have a long way to go. In this context, we pay close attention to the following matters on a daily basis:

 Creating a green white Christmas

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