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Grootzand 25 Sneek

“The roots of Peha begin on a 'Potship' and continues on the mainland in 1918”

How it all began

Just before the turn of the century, in 1899, Johannes Petrus Hoomans, like many other Friesians, left for the United States of America to try his luck. He took everything to earn something; came to Holland again, married and left again. When he had earned some money there, he returned to his native country. He borrowed some money and had a Potship built, a kind of skûtsje. In the spring of 1905 the ship was launched and he sailed throughout the south-west corner of the Frisian country with a very extensive package of household goods to sell. In the village and region he was loved, because he always had something new on board and was able to arouse the desire to buy in the countryside. He always looked around for what people could use, such as farmers' tools. 

Since 1918

In 1918, the first world war just ended and Petrus Hoomans sold his ship and settled at the Grootzand number 25 in Sneek. He sold the same assortment as on the ship. The store ran smoothly and gradually he became a wholesaler and went cycling through Frisian part of the Netherlands and visited shops. In the 30's the crisis broke out; the banking world was blown up and a difficult period started. His son Pieter took over the business, he borrowed some money, and with acrobatic work the business was rebuilt. And that is how P.H. did his business until the end of the Second World War. The store was sold and the business was raised to a wholesaler, until finally the company started trading Christmas articles.

In the fifties, the wholesaler P. Hoomans experienced a big growth. In Sneek, buildings were constantly bought to store the household items. In 1963 a central warehouse was built on the Sneker industrial estate, on the Kamerlingh Onnesstraat; about 6000 square meters.
Shortly after, PEHA specialized in the import and export of Christmas goods and since then still going strong!

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