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The Magic Flame Candle

Magic LED Candles

“Bring warmth, light and a little magic in your life with the Magic Flame Candles”

The Magic Flame Candles

Let yourself be surprised by our wide range of Magic Flame candles. These LED candles have the look and feel of a real candle and show the same enchanting flame. They retain their shape and provide a long lasting experience. The flameless candles are fire proof and therefore suitable for families with children or pets. Because of the fire safety they are also perfect to combine with other Christmas decoration. The timer function enables you to lit the candle at the moments you want so you can enjoy a safe and atmospheric candlelight for hours and hours. Isn’t it magic?

Our Magic Flame Candle assortment consists of:

- Rustic candles, available in 4 sizes and 25 colours
- Rustic candle set of 3 with remote control, available in 25 colours
- Smooth candles, available in 3 sizes and 2 colours
- Dinner candles, available in 1 size and 14 colours
- BEDAZZLED, available in 3 sizes and 20 colours
- Candles in glass, available in many different forms, sizes and colours
- Candles for outside use, available in 2 sizes and 3 colours
- Extra-large candles (smooth), available in 3 sizes and 2 colours
- Grave lights, available in 1 size and 2 colours
- Tea lights, available in 1 size and 1 colour

Benefits at a glance

- Wide range
- High quality
- Look and feel of real candle
- Timer function
- Competitive prices
- Unique product display

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