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The Magic Flame Candle

Magic LED Candles

“Bring warmth, light and a little magic in your life with the Magic Flame Candles”

The magic flame candles

This magic candle looks just like an ordinary candle, but inside there is an ingenious led light that shows the same enchanted flame as a “normal” candle. It is very convenient that you can use the timer to lit the candle on moments you desire. It is because of this exclusive technique you can enjoy a safe and atmospheric candlelight for ours and ours, isn’t it magic?

Available in various price categories

We offer our customers 4 different types of Magic Flame Candles with different specifications. We offer both rustic candles and smooth candles. We sell the candles in a transparent tube or in beautiful gift packaging. The rustic candles are available in 23 colors and in this, we offer an exclusive line of candles with a super long "fire" time. We also have candles in the range that are specially made for outdoor use!


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