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“Stand out from the crowd and enhance the consumer experience”

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The shopper becomes the enjoyer and that is why the focus needs to be more on the consumer experience. People don’t just buy products or services. Consumers want to be encouraged and expect experiences and emotional involvement. It is about creating a sense of place where you connect products with customer’s emotion. Merchandising and Instore Marketing help to enhance the consumer experience. To stand out as a retailer with your products, there are many options. Think about shelf signage and designs, display designs, custom instore product presentations, etcetera. We are always open to discuss the possibilities to co-create a concept that makes you unique.


In recent years we have been able to support many of our customers with the presentation of our articles. Depending on the wishes, we can co-create merchandising solutions, invent unique display designs, or our team of stylists can create a presentation on site. The needs and ideas are different for every customer and therefore we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts with us. We are confident that we can co-create beautiful concepts together that will boost the consumer experience and sales performance. Click on the pictures below for some inspirational examples!

  • Shelf design in C&C wholesaler
  • Instore product presentation at garden center
  • Shelf designs for our LED candles
  • 60m2 instore presentation at garden center

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