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“By developing sourcing strategies, we can achieve great results together”

Are you looking for an original Christmas collection?

The aim is to put together a commercial and attractive Christmas assortment in the way you want for your customers. Do you have specific trends and themes and do you want to offer an original collection that is different from others? We can specifically source for you, create new designs and/or adapt articles to your themes and trends. Based on our expertise, our knowledge of the market and our passion for decoration, we have created original and commercial Christmas collections for many years. Our team from Peha Hong Kong plays an important role in this process. They have excellent knowledge of suppliers and the market, and are very experienced in quality assurance. We will start this journey together, but how this journey will look like, depends on your needs and wishes. Get into contact with us to discuss the possibilities!

Next to developing sourcing strategies, we also support our customers with other services such as:

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